This Week on Educate Yourself: VR, Learning Engineers & Measuring Educational Effectiveness


We’re back with episode 2 of the Educate Yourself podcast, brought to you by the team behind Treehouse. Tune in for the latest in tech industry news, edtech and the future of learning.

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This week, our host, Treehouse CEO and founder Ryan Carson, is joined by Londa Quisling, Treehouse’s Chief Product Officer, Tommy Morgan, VP of Engineering at Treehouse, Dave McFarland, Head of Teaching at Treehouse, and special guest, Dr. Bror Saxberg, Chief Learning Officer at Kaplan, Inc.

Topics this week

  • General Assembly’s new Outcome Report
  • Edtech Rapid Cycle Evaluation
  • Facebook and VR
  • Learning Engineers
  • Measuring Educational Effectiveness

Highlights from this week’s episode

“A learning engineer is someone who uses learning science and good learning measurement practices but applies them to solving real world practical problems at scale.”

“There’s an exciting way to refine flexibility and ability to handle new work situations with VR.”
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“With VR, there are benefits to having practice and feedback sessions that are as close as possible to the real world. So that you know you are building up muscle memory and long-term memory components around what’s you’re going to have to do.”

“There’s an expertise to being known as an expert; it’s not the same as being an expert.”
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“Engineering and Design are actually very closely aligned. Good engineering is about focusing deeply on the problem you’re trying to solve.”

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